Glitter Bottles?

I love glitter. What, you couldn’t tell already? Seriously, I would bathe in it if it wasn’t the equivalent of boy-kryptonite. I swear, Ben thinks I’m trying to kill him with those little flecks of shiny-happiness; but, I digress. So, anytime I see a project that may let me make my environment a little more shiny I want to take advantage of it. Let’s start at the beginning of this one. Before we headed to a baseball game this past week one of my friends had a

beer bottle [Lienie’s Berryweise, we’ll talk more about that later!] that was COVERED in glitter. As you can see to your right, I mean, COVERED. I was elated. First, how did this magical thing come to pass? How did I not know

about this? And why have I not glittered my bottles? I asked her how she did it and she pointed me to my other obsession, Pinterest. So I hopped on over there to find more details. I love the idea of this! My roommate from college is getting married this fall and for her bachelorette party I’m contemplating glittering some wine for her. Right now I’m in a glass-crafting mood so I may just glitter up some shot glasses for this summer and call it a day. But you can suffice it to say that I will for sure be glittering some bottle or another!

But, back to Pinterest. I’ve found a couple different ways to do this project so I’ll lay them out here and then I’ll give you a blow-by-blow once I’ve completed the project.

First up is a DIY tutorial from  Sorella Salon & Spa. They made wine bottle vases that came out looking gorgeous. I can’t wait to try them! You can find the tutorial here. They came out looking amazing. I might do this will a full bottle of wine and just modify it slightly with a DIY label [will need to find a DIY label tutorial!] and a pretty ribbon. We’ll see.

Next, is a pretty little walk through for glittered IZZE bottles. You can find the tutorial here. I love the way that these turn out and the fact that this blogger uses them as candle holders. It gives such a pretty shine and I can totally see this as being a great addition to holiday parties, birthday parties or even a bridal shower [depending on a theme, of course!]. What do you think?

I love the idea of a glitter bottle. Awesome gift and great decoration. Part of me wants to glitter all my drink bottles from here on out but I’m sure that won’t make too much sense. So now that I have a craft squarely on my “to try” list, I’ll make sure to keep you updated with photos of how it actually turns out.


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