Neon colors and sunshine

So I’ve been noticeable MIA for a while now. I’ve got a crazy work project that is eating ALL my spare time and the time I’m not at work I’m usually trying to rest/recoup enough to go back at it during that evening. Right now I’m working overnight type hours and they are getting on me. So, I’ve been bringing the sunshine and brightness with me

places in the form of neon nails, new bathing suits, and suntanning. First, the neon nails – I’m LOVING the color I’m wearing now. It’s by China Glaze and it’s called “Shocking Pink (Neon)”. First, shocking pink? Yes. I am not shocked and I’m excited. I have a love affair with the color pink that goes back to childhood. In the photo I’m wearing another China Glaze color that is a very bright orange-ish, sunset-ish, pink color that I love. It is basically day-glo which makes me smile.

The color in the bottle is currently on my toes and hands. If you have the chance, I would recommend stopping down to your nearest nail salon and having them douse your phalanges with this lovely shade. Honestly, it has done wonders for my mood [ok, the pedicure and manicure did help with that too].

The other thing I’ve been doing is trying to soak up at least an hour of sun a day. I’m incredibly fair skinned so the sun and I have this on-going love/hate relationship. I love the sun but the sun and my fair skin don’t get on so well. So I have to sun-worship in stages and with lots and lots of UV protection. I try to stay away from tanning beds unless I’m going somewhere tropical in which it would be far more dangerous to risk a serious day-burn than go in a bed once or twice before my trip. In the summer, however, I like to try and adapt my skin over time. So, I spend an hour outside flipping from front to back and sweating and hoping that I have put on enough UV to protect from a burn while still getting a little bit of color. I then enhance that with a little Victoria’s Secret lotion that I”m not sure they sell anymore but it has a touch of bronzer in it so it makes you sparkley and tan. I love it. I’ll figure out what it is and post when I do.

So, of course! Since I’m rocking the neon nail trend I had to get a suit that fit that sunny, bright and LOUD description. Thankfully, Victoria’s Secret was having their semi-annual sale and all swim-wear was on sale. They also sent me two of those reward gift cards for $10 each – so basically I had to go shopping. I found the cutest bathing suit, got free shipping and $20 off – I paid $10 for a two piece and it is officially one of my favorites. The picture [Instagram addiction – this girl is guilty!] doesn’t do the colors justice but you get the idea. My deck is perfectly proportioned to lay out on comfortably and get a great sun angle. Unfortunately, it faces my neighbors but they haven’t complained about my daily sunbathing yet. Hopefully they won’t and I can keep this up.

So, that’s what I have been up to. Not too much crafting/cooking/etc. Though I have made six or seven maxi dresses just playing with fabrics, weight, color, tops – I’ll get a compilation picture up sometime this week.

Here is to a safe and happy Holiday this week. Happy Fourth of July!


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