Glittered Shot Glasses

Ok. You know I love me some glitter. Like, absolutely adore it without compare. This past weekend one of my friends from high school/college had her Bachelorette party. I wanted to do something thoughtful for her and so I put together a “Ready…Set…Bachelorette” kit with a couple other girls going to the event. The kit included themed “solo” cups, photo frame and signable mat, Bachelorette party drinking cards, light up bachelorette sash, tiara, veil, personalized shot glasses for each of the party go-ers, lidded cup and straw for the bride, and picture plaques so people could take before/after pictures [I’m sure these didn’t end up happeneing! lol].

Any-who. I didn’t have enough fore-sight to take pictures of everything but I did record the process for the glitter glasses. Here is the tutorial!

Painting tape/masking tape
Spray glitter paint
Spray clear lacquer
Shot glasses/shooter glasses [or whatever glasswear you’re committed to]
Paint Pens [safe for acrylic and glass]
Rhinestones on sticky surface [I got mine in the scrapbook section]

This is what all the supplies look like lined up except for the clear lacquer and masking tape – but you can see where some glasses are taped off.

First thing you have to do is wash and dry the shot glasses completely. Then, take the masking tape and tape off whatever portion you DON”T want to have glittered. For me, it was the very top.

So after you tape off your glasses put them upside down on an old box and make sure to put that on top of a plastic tarp so you don’t glitter your driveway [a mistake that I made that caused Ben some stress.] Once you’re all set shake your glitter paint and spray away!

The paint needs about 20 minutes to dry. For me, I took that time to go do Insanity. I paused halfway through to apply a second coat – I wanted them GOOD and glittery and then went back to finish my workout. After the glasses are done drying bring them back to your in-house workspace and take the masking tape off of the glasses.The next step is to apply the rhinestone stickies to your glass. I wanted mine to line up with the glitter line. so I applied them there. Feel free to use acrylic glue or glass-safe glue if you are concerned about your rhinestones sticking. I wasn’t.

Once you’re done with the rhinestones take your paint pen and write the name of each party go-er on the glass. After you’ve finished that, put the glasses back on your paint-safe-zone and then spray them over with the clear lacquer. This will make them hand-washable. The above picture is the finished product. The clear lacquer gives the cups a really cool effect in that it makes them a little cloudy. I dug it.

Let them dry overnight and then pack them up and take them with you. The whole project was super easy, lots of fun and ended with GLITTER! how can you be mad?

Note: I had leftover glitter spray so I actually sprayed a bottle of Kate’s favorite vodka with the glitter spray and then the lacquer so she had a sparkly bottle to go with the awesomely sparkly glasses. It was a hit!





Coming soon!

I’m writing on a tutorial…. I will leave this to tease you!


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You should try…

So it’s Monday. The fresh start to a new week. The chance to hit the ground running and be even more productive than you were before! OR! It’s the day to try something new! I love starting new projects on Monday’s because it gives me something to work on and be excited about through the week. Last week [on Monday] I started the INSANITY workouts. You can read more about my journey with Insanity over at my fitness blog, here. I am love, love, LOVING the workouts!

So my “you should try” today is this: you should try a new workout. Mix up your routine! Do a new video or try a new series of moves. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

I’m going to be throwing some Brazil Butt Lift videos into my daily workouts just because – honestly, why not?

Today is a new day and that means it is a chance to be who you’ve always wanted to be.

A Daily Dose of Fun!

Happy Friday, all! Here’s to the weekend! Here’s to free time! Here’s to…shopping? Well, of course! I have a new shopping site you need to learn to love! Daily Look – found here they feature 3 cute outfits each day with all items discounted. Today they are featuring two ADORABLE looks that I’m seriously having a hard time not purchasing. I’m including screen shots of the site for you to drool over. Head over now and take a look!

Beauty Balm: A conclusion

So I did a product comparison last week – a Beauty Beat Down. It involved two American Beauty Balm creams with one from Maybelline and one from L’Oreal. Last weekend I picked up another one – Garnier Beauty Balm. I purchased it for about $11.99 from my local Wal Mart. I had high hopes for this because, though I liked both the Maybelline and L’Oreal versions I wasn’t 100% sold on them as Beauty Balms.

After using the Garnier version I have come to a conclusion regarding American Beauty Balms: they are all essentially tinted moisturizers that offer few of the real benefits of a true Beauty Balm.

In my opinion all three of these products offer various benefits but for the most part they are essentially tinted moisturizers with varying degrees of match and coverage. Of the three, so far, my favorite is the Garnier. It has been a better base for my foundation than either the Maybelline or L’Oreal versions, though I will say that the L’Oreal has a better match for color. The Garnier is more bang for your buck though: the tube is huge especially compared to what you get in the Maybelline and L’Oreal versions.

In my opinion the best points of this product are the size, coverage and moisturizing properties. The downside, as was my complaint with the other two products, is that it doesn’t feel or wear truly like a Beauty Balm [to me]. In a Beauty Balm I want a product that offers me coverage, a little moisture, primer properties and long wear – the Garnier product offers coverage and long wear but it over moisturizes. As was my complaint with the other two my combination skin seemed to get oilier from wearing the BB cream during the day. I found myself needing to powder more often than if I had worn just a primer, concealer and foundation. I will say that having the BB creams under my foundation and concealer did help to even out my skin tone in a way that I enjoyed – I felt like I could go a little lighter on the foundation because I had the BB cream on.

All in all none of the products are bad products but don’t expect a true BB cream out of these. Look to them more as BB Cream Lite. My favorite of all three is for sure the Garnier. The price doubled with the volume you get means it is the best use of your beauty dollars. In addition I felt like it offered the best coverage option as well as it was the one of the three that caused the least amount of extra oil on my skin. If you’re looking to try out a drugstore version of a BB cream this is my recommendation for sure. Keep in mind it comes in two different colors: light/medium or medium/dark – so color options are a lot more limited than either Maybelline or L’Oreal – but it seems to blend into my skin really well – so that counteracts the lack of color choice.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts? Are you more tempted to try a high end or over-seas version than the drug store ones? Let me know, I’d love some more feedback.

Why Learning to Love Your Body Is Hard

I was at a loss for what to title this post so I just went with what felt right. I have a fitness blog that I write in dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and being fit. That has nothing to do with weight, size, measurements – etc. It is about being fit, feeling good and loving yourself in your own skin. That’s what I’m all about. As someone who has faced and lived through struggles with weight and eating disorders, I’m not ashamed to say that I am very firm in my beliefs about bodies, health and perception. I tend to get my hackles in a rise of any kind of shaming culture or hate culture when it comes to bodies.

First, let me say that we all come in different sizes and shapes – and that’s ok. Not everyone can be what a society or profession deems “ideal” because “ideals” are based on a perfect case scenario that has nothing to do with health or safety, especially when we’re talking about beauty. In American culture our idea of what is beautiful has shifted through the years. We’ve idolized the curves of the screen sirens of the 50’s and we’ve loved the lanky limbs of Twiggy. We’ve prized fitness and tone while lauding praise on underweight models. In our culture today our vision of perfection and beauty is an airbrushed image that’s been so altered it doesn’t actually represent the original subject. And through all of it, we have a culture of shaming – almost always directed at the overweight.

Facebook started all this. Via Facebook I learned a couple things. First of which was the fact that a size 6 is a plus size now [in the modeling world] – excuse me – A SIX!? are you kidding me? Why?? There is nothing wrong with a size six – in fact it’s a nice size [depending on whose sizing chart you’re using] and all types of bodies wear a size six – but to say that a size six is plus sized makes me sick to my stomach. I know of people who have amazing bodies and are athletes with incredible muscle tone and they look stellar in a bikini and they wear a size 10 jeans – and there is no way you could look at these women and say “Oh, yeah – she’s big. We’ll label her plus sized”. In fact, you would probably look at her and go – wow! you look amazing!

Second thing I came across was a post by my girlfriend, who is a fitness nut [and looks amazing – might I say], pointing out a website called “Skinny Gossip”. I’m loathe to post it here because I don’t want to promote this girl’s site or her ideas. In her disclaimer section she states that she [and her site] are against pro-anorexia culture and strive to do no harm – wait a minute? what?! But then on her front page she has articles about why Kate Upton is a “cow” who has “Huge thighs, NO waist, big fat floppy boobs, terrible body definition – she looks like a squishy brick. Is this what American women are “striving” for now? The lazy, lardy look? Have we really gotten so fat in this country that Kate is the best we can aim for? Sorry, but: eww!” I’m sorry – but do you see Miss Upton to your right? WHAT?! First, she isn’t fat – not at all.

This woman has beautiful curves and a lovely body shape. She also has a stunning face. Now, to be fair, her “girls” need a little bit more coverage – but you can’t blame a body for ill fitting clothes. This is not a body to loathe or put down. You’re calling her lazy? I’m sorry, no. She’s probably naturally skinny and she does look like she works out some – she’s not a gymrat but why would she be? It burns me that this site rips apart a woman like this and then, in turn, goes on to state that models shouldn’t represent the average woman but rather be an aspiration.

Again – NO! A model is, in essence, a thing. A sculpture on which an artist/designer displays their art. Given that, each designer has a right to say “Ok, I want this type” but what the problem is that when they choose that “type” our society goes – “ok, that’s what I need to be” forgetting than less than 1% of the population of the world can/does/or will look like that in their lifetime.

The other article that I read before I could stomach this girl’s website no longer was regarding a ‘fat loving’ magazine and their articles about “Fat Pride”.  Under each photo taken from the editorial this website blogger states her absolute hatred of anyone “fat” or “plus sized” as well as how awful they must be to their bodies to look that way. To close her article she posts:
“The whole “fat pride” movement is irritating because plus-sizers want to tell us “big is beautiful” and it should be represented more in the modeling industry. I say it’s the opposite: if big really was beautiful, and most people wanted to be big, and wanted to see big people, don’t you think we’d see a lot more fat people modeling? I do. But we don’t – because it isn’t”

I have so many issues with this! First, the average size of a runway model has diminished in the past 20 years. This is fact and science. This has nothing to do with the size of the average American woman – which admittedly has increased. The pictures of the plus sized model in the editorial are lovely. She’s a beautiful woman with curves and yes, “rolls”. But why is that disgusting to us? The Romans prized a curvy woman as it spoke to her health and robust zest for life as well as her ability to bear children. Again – our idea [as humans] of what is beautiful changes and fluxuates but this young woman who runs this website is filled with a hatred for any body type not her “ideal” that it turns my stomach. That kind of hatred comes from inside and when it spills outside it infects like a disease. It is part of the reason our culture has such a distaste for the overweight.

I recently read a book “Fit2Fat2Fit” about a [male] physical trainer who put on almost 70 lbs in six months so he could understand the other side of that coin. He then put in the work to take it off. He did what he had to in order to understand the whole spectrum and it gave him perspective. He also learned to love himself and his life just a little more.

I don’t advocate anything lifestyle that would jeopardize one’s health – I can’t. That means I don’t advocate excess in either direction: too much or too little. I think all bodies can be beautiful and it is about how comfortable you are in your own skin. I’ve been all kinds of sizes [and you can read more about that struggle over at my fitness blog here] from a 0/2 up to a 14 and I find myself to be most comfortable in my own skin when I”m wearing a 6/8 and am working out. I like muscle. That’s my preference for my body – I like to keep some curves but be toned and strong – those are my goals; but I also recognize the beauty of different body types – tiny, toned, curvy, plus sized – all of it. How a woman wears her skin is more important to me than the size of the dress she’s putting on it.

This goes both ways, that needs to be said. We talk a lot about “fat shaming’ but we do leave out the shaming of skinny people. Anyone who has struggled with Anorexia or Bulimia knows that it is a compulsion and it hurts. Looking that person in the eye and going “God, you’re too skinny. Why don’t you eat something?” can do more damage than good. And I’m guilty of this too. I’m not sitting here as a saint with no transgressions. I have a girlfriend who has done a 180 in her life to take off some weight and she looks amazing. Tinier than I’ve ever seen her and sometimes I do worry and I may have pointed that out to her a time or two when it wasn’t ideal. The point I’m making is that telling someone their too skinny can be as bad as telling someone their too fat. Trying to forcibly alter someone else’s body or habits is not the way to go. We need to learn to love and support each other.

If you’re worried about someone’s weight, whether up or down on the scale, take them aside and kindly talk to them. Ask them what their goals are, their ideals. Be supportive as long as the answer doesn’t inflict harm or put them in danger. We need to learn to love not only ourselves but others. We need to be accepting and supportive of all physical journeys and less judgmental.

If you take nothing away from my rant today at least take this: love yourself and be healthy. Live a life of moderation so that you can live a long life. Love your own skin. Be kind to others because you never know what they might be struggling with – and this goes for skinny girls too. Sometimes when we talk about body shaming we forget that we shame the skinny girls too. When you judge a girl for being too skinny or too fat you don’t know if it’s genetics, purpose or circumstance that put them there and you also don’t know if that girl is healthy or not. If you’re worried – you talk to that person alone.

It’s times like this that all I can think of is this: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~ Ghandi


bareMinerals High Shine Eye Color – Review

Let me start by saying that I’m a fan but not a consistent user of the bareMinerals collections. I own a plethora of their eyeshadows because I like how they wear and the color selection. I also like the eye kits you can purchase. Recently I was seduced by their High Shine Eyecolor collection. First, I love anything that sparkles – I know. A shock! Anywho, so the sparkle caught me first – I was then really impressed by how pigmented they were and how well they swatched.

For $16.00 each they are a little pricey but, per normal, the bareMinerals direct store in the mall was doing a bundling promo so I got two shadows a mascara and a lipgloss at a pretty good deal.

I purchased Meteorite and Glisten. Warm metallic tones that suit my blonde hair and fair skin – especially for summer wear when I love to rock a bronzed look. Meteorite is more of a dark bronze color with flecks of gold and something else that make it irridescent in a really pretty way. Glisten is a light gold with white-gold-ish flecks throughout giving it a really nice highlight quality. Wore individually they are great for two very separate looks. Together, they contour and highlight the eye really nicely.

These are prefect for many different occasions. I like to wear the Meteroite from lash to crease with a dab of the Glisten in my tear-duct area as well as on the high point of my brow for some highlight as a “girl’s night out” look. I enjoy Glisten [by itself] blended from lash-line to crease as a light day look. It’s fun and flirty. I also like to mix them a little over my eye to get a shiny but sunkissed look that appears effortless and free.

These shadows last for hours and you can double that last time with a good primer [I love Urban Decay Primer Potion]. I love an eye shadow that can outlast me into the night and this item definitely does that.

My overall conclusion on the High Shine eye color by bareMinerals is that this is a “must” to add to your “fun and fearless” collection of makeup. I did try to swatch these on my hand for you but I don’t have my actual camera and my cellphone camera isn’t doing the colors justice.

But, I love these – do you use them? Have you? What are your thoughts? Love it? Leave it? Buy the whole stock?

Shopping Obsession

Ok, so this little girl right here has a conundrum: I live in the middle of nowhere so when I want to shop I have to get creative. Enter the Internet. My first love. My soulmate. The source of happiness and frustration at the same time. Happiness because the possibilities are endless and frustrating because it is hard to find the right thing sometimes; but, I digress.

Today I want to share with you a site I got turned onto by Fashion/Beauty/Awesome Blogger – Bentley Blonde [her youtube channel is here. Seriously, you need to check our her channel. I love her style and honesty about products. She turned me onto this site after sharing it on her youtube channel and I have to be honest in that I am totally addicted. The website is called: ShopLately. You have to sign up for an account [FREE] and then you can poke around. They offer a “sale rack” every day that is updated each morning. The sale rack offers awesome products even more deeply discounted

than their typical “store shelves”. You have to check this out.

Another bonus to the site is that they offer flat rate shipping at $2.99.

As an example, I just ordered this watch today and I am beside myself waiting for it. I would totally recommend that you join this site and get addicted!