Beauty Product Beat Down

So, as you may or may not know, I am an avid beauty lover. I love makeup, hair tools, polish, styling – you name it! I like to try and stay on top of what’s new and awesome and what’s just not cutting it. I’m also a huge fan of being smart with your beauty dollars – because we can’t all be over-spending on luxury items.

In order to keep myself up on stuff I like to follow a handful of beauty vloggers and bloggers as well as I subscribe to both Birchbox [found here] and MyGlam [found here]. In a post soon I will give you a list of my fav bloggers and vloggers – promise! But in the meantime, I wanted to get started on doing a regular “beauty beat down”. In my Beauty Beat Downs I’ll compare like products and tell you my thoughts so you can decide if something will be worth your Beauty dollars or not.

So, getting to our first Beauty Beat Down!

Today I wanted to compare Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream and L’Oreal Magic BB Cream. First, let me introduce you to BB cream if you aren’t already¬†acquainted. BB Cream is a phenomena that started in East and Southeast Asia. It is essentially a four in one product that includes:¬†moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock as well as being lightly tinted. It helps to sooth, smooth and even skin tone. You can read more about the history of BB Creams here. As this product gained popularity and started to move over into the US and Western markets it has moved out of the high end brands and now into your nearest drugstore. Now, you can get BB creams from a variety of manufacturers and brands, but today I want to focus on two drug store brands.

First, is the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. One of the benefits to BB creams, in general, is that they are

lightly tinted – so you don’t need to get an exact color. I’m of a fairer skin tone so I went with “light/medium” and as a color match it was nice and close. I use my BB cream as a base – omitting primer and moisturizer. For coverage, it’s nice and light. Good for underneath some loose powder on a summer day or by itself with a touch of bronzer. It has a sort of runny texture – which I didn’t love. But on the skin it is smooth and lightweight and even holds nicely under foundation, for the first part of your day.

During an all-day wear I found that my skin felt good – not too oily and not too dry. It also protected while I was out in the sun during the afternoon – my normally sensitive cheeks and nose did not burn [trust me, I can burn in 10 minutes of sun. I’m sensitive! lol]. I’m not going to compare this to higher end or Asian produced BB creams though I will say this is less of a true BB cream and more of a really great tinted moisturizer and for the $7.45 that I paid for it at Wal Mart – it was worth the investment.

The next product I want to introduce you to is the L’Oreal Magic BB Cream. The L’Oreal cream can also be bought at your local drugstore or Walmart type place. This product also comes in a variety of shades but offers the benefit of a True Match type system – the cream comes out of the tube with a white tint and little beads in the cream. Once it meets your skin it starts to tint appropriately to match your skin. This is a definite bonus. This cream is slightly more expensive, about $8.74 is what I paid but still much less than designer brands. This has a slightly more full coverage than the Maybelline cream but does have a little more oily quality to it. During all day wear, under foundation/powder, my combination skin seemed to get more oily than normal. As a result, I found myself touching up with powder more often than normal. Between the two, this cream offers a better skin match and more full coverage – but if you have combination to oily skin you may find yourself more shiny than normal.

Beauty Beat Down Winner: L’Oreal Magic BB Cream – personally, I don’t mind touching up every so often especially if I get quality and lightweight coverage.

I would recommend trying them to see which fits you best but both drugstore options are a decent alternative to the expensive and higher end BB creams you can buy.