A Daily Dose of Fun!

Happy Friday, all! Here’s to the weekend! Here’s to free time! Here’s to…shopping? Well, of course! I have a new shopping site you need to learn to love! Daily Look – found here they feature 3 cute outfits each day with all items discounted. Today they are featuring two ADORABLE looks that I’m seriously having a hard time not purchasing. I’m including screen shots of the site for you to drool over. Head over now and take a look!


Beauty Balm: A conclusion

So I did a product comparison last week – a Beauty Beat Down. It involved two American Beauty Balm creams with one from Maybelline and one from L’Oreal. Last weekend I picked up another one – Garnier Beauty Balm. I purchased it for about $11.99 from my local Wal Mart. I had high hopes for this because, though I liked both the Maybelline and L’Oreal versions I wasn’t 100% sold on them as Beauty Balms.

After using the Garnier version I have come to a conclusion regarding American Beauty Balms: they are all essentially tinted moisturizers that offer few of the real benefits of a true Beauty Balm.

In my opinion all three of these products offer various benefits but for the most part they are essentially tinted moisturizers with varying degrees of match and coverage. Of the three, so far, my favorite is the Garnier. It has been a better base for my foundation than either the Maybelline or L’Oreal versions, though I will say that the L’Oreal has a better match for color. The Garnier is more bang for your buck though: the tube is huge especially compared to what you get in the Maybelline and L’Oreal versions.

In my opinion the best points of this product are the size, coverage and moisturizing properties. The downside, as was my complaint with the other two products, is that it doesn’t feel or wear truly like a Beauty Balm [to me]. In a Beauty Balm I want a product that offers me coverage, a little moisture, primer properties and long wear – the Garnier product offers coverage and long wear but it over moisturizes. As was my complaint with the other two my combination skin seemed to get oilier from wearing the BB cream during the day. I found myself needing to powder more often than if I had worn just a primer, concealer and foundation. I will say that having the BB creams under my foundation and concealer did help to even out my skin tone in a way that I enjoyed – I felt like I could go a little lighter on the foundation because I had the BB cream on.

All in all none of the products are bad products but don’t expect a true BB cream out of these. Look to them more as BB Cream Lite. My favorite of all three is for sure the Garnier. The price doubled with the volume you get means it is the best use of your beauty dollars. In addition I felt like it offered the best coverage option as well as it was the one of the three that caused the least amount of extra oil on my skin. If you’re looking to try out a drugstore version of a BB cream this is my recommendation for sure. Keep in mind it comes in two different colors: light/medium or medium/dark – so color options are a lot more limited than either Maybelline or L’Oreal – but it seems to blend into my skin really well – so that counteracts the lack of color choice.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts? Are you more tempted to try a high end or over-seas version than the drug store ones? Let me know, I’d love some more feedback.

bareMinerals High Shine Eye Color – Review

Let me start by saying that I’m a fan but not a consistent user of the bareMinerals collections. I own a plethora of their eyeshadows because I like how they wear and the color selection. I also like the eye kits you can purchase. Recently I was seduced by their High Shine Eyecolor collection. First, I love anything that sparkles – I know. A shock! Anywho, so the sparkle caught me first – I was then really impressed by how pigmented they were and how well they swatched.

For $16.00 each they are a little pricey but, per normal, the bareMinerals direct store in the mall was doing a bundling promo so I got two shadows a mascara and a lipgloss at a pretty good deal.

I purchased Meteorite and Glisten. Warm metallic tones that suit my blonde hair and fair skin – especially for summer wear when I love to rock a bronzed look. Meteorite is more of a dark bronze color with flecks of gold and something else that make it irridescent in a really pretty way. Glisten is a light gold with white-gold-ish flecks throughout giving it a really nice highlight quality. Wore individually they are great for two very separate looks. Together, they contour and highlight the eye really nicely.

These are prefect for many different occasions. I like to wear the Meteroite from lash to crease with a dab of the Glisten in my tear-duct area as well as on the high point of my brow for some highlight as a “girl’s night out” look. I enjoy Glisten [by itself] blended from lash-line to crease as a light day look. It’s fun and flirty. I also like to mix them a little over my eye to get a shiny but sunkissed look that appears effortless and free.

These shadows last for hours and you can double that last time with a good primer [I love Urban Decay Primer Potion]. I love an eye shadow that can outlast me into the night and this item definitely does that.

My overall conclusion on the High Shine eye color by bareMinerals is that this is a “must” to add to your “fun and fearless” collection of makeup. I did try to swatch these on my hand for you but I don’t have my actual camera and my cellphone camera isn’t doing the colors justice.

But, I love these – do you use them? Have you? What are your thoughts? Love it? Leave it? Buy the whole stock?

Shopping Obsession

Ok, so this little girl right here has a conundrum: I live in the middle of nowhere so when I want to shop I have to get creative. Enter the Internet. My first love. My soulmate. The source of happiness and frustration at the same time. Happiness because the possibilities are endless and frustrating because it is hard to find the right thing sometimes; but, I digress.

Today I want to share with you a site I got turned onto by Fashion/Beauty/Awesome Blogger – Bentley Blonde [her youtube channel is here. Seriously, you need to check our her channel. I love her style and honesty about products. She turned me onto this site after sharing it on her youtube channel and I have to be honest in that I am totally addicted. The website is called: ShopLately. You have to sign up for an account [FREE] and then you can poke around. They offer a “sale rack” every day that is updated each morning. The sale rack offers awesome products even more deeply discounted

than their typical “store shelves”. You have to check this out.

Another bonus to the site is that they offer flat rate shipping at $2.99.

As an example, I just ordered this watch today and I am beside myself waiting for it. I would totally recommend that you join this site and get addicted!