Shopping Sites

I will try and keep this list updated but check back here for a list of my favorite shopping sites and subscription services!

MyGlam is a subscription service which sends you an adorable little bag each  month filled with up to 5 deluxe beauty samples. For $10 and free shipping you want to get in on this!

BirchBox, like MyGlam, is a subscription service which automatically sends you a little Birch Box filled with deluxe sample sized beauty products. For $10 it’s a decent deal!

JustFab is a shoe/accessory site. You sign up and each month you will get a personalized “boutique” filled with shoes that fit the parameters of your beauty profile. You can choose any of those for $39.95 with free shipping. Sometimes they do two-for-one deals – which is awesome. I’ve gotten three pair of shoes from them so far and am very pleased with the customer service, selection and quality.

LittleBlackBag is new for me! I just learned about it recently and made my first purchase. I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you guys!

This is my favorite shopping site right now! You can read more about my thoughts in this post here.


Ok, you may have heard of HauteLook but I”m here to tell you that you NEED to be a part of this! You create an account and they do sales everyday of high end stuff at great discounts. ENJOY!


This one is also like HauteLook – free service just create an account.


Another discount designer site – I am in love with all three of these and you should learn to love them too!


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